Luxury Tea Infuser Bottle Glass 12oz

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Luxury Tea Infuser Bottle is a sleek modern luxury design bottle, created specifically for the tea connoisseur. Our tea tumbler is well designed and a must have for any tea drinker.

Beautiful Stainless Steel Lid for more luxury look.


The bottle may contain very hot water, careful when use and keep away from children when filled with hot water.

Make sure to securely screw the top lid when not in use and filled with hot water, to reduce the risk of spilled hot water.

Using instructions:
Fill the stainless steel infuser strainer with your favorite loose tea or herbs and then fill the bottle with hot or cold water. OR Fill the bottle with your favorite loose tea or herbs and then fill the bottle with hot or cold water and use the infuser as filter.

Product Features:

The two layers of borosilicate glass protects your hands from extreme temperatures and insulates your tea.

Easy to Clean, Just open it remove the stainless steel infuser, wash, dry, done!

Size: 12 oz, 350 ml

MIAJO promise an enjoyable experience using our luxury tea infuser bottle, and we strive to keep our customers happy and satisfied, please get back to us for any question, problems or inquiries. 

  • Luxury modern design double wall glass bottle. With Stainless Steel Lid
  • Double wall Glass borosilicate glass, it can be resist temperature from -20 degree to 150 degree.
  • Wide round mouth makes it easily to filter with fruit or tea.
  • Taste the full flavor without any plastic aftertaste or musty odors.
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