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Glass Tea Infuser with Glass lid 17 oz

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Glass Tea Cup is a modern and sophisticated design, created specifically for the tea connoisseur. Our Tea cup is well designed and a must have for any tea drinker.


The Tea Cup may contain very hot water, careful when use and keep away from children when filled with hot water.

Safe to use in the microwave to boil your water


1. Easy to clean with the glass infuser and the Glass Lid, Dishwasher safe.

2. Easy to hold and pour tea into your cup, the large glass handler make it so easy to hold the teapot and pour water.

3. Looks great and modern with all transparent glass and the elegant top Glass lid, and the Glass tray for greate tea serving

4. Great taste for your tea, no stainless steel or plastic taste into your tea anymore.

Using instructions:

Fill the glass infuser strainer with your favorite loose tea or herbs and then fill the cup with hot or boiling water. Leave your tea to steep and you are ready to serve your tea.

Package Includes:

* 1 Glass 17 oz Tea Cup 
* Large glass infuser for your large tea leafs
* 1 Top Glass lid

MIAJO promise an enjoyable experience using our tea infuser Cup, and we strive to keep our customers happy and satisfied, please get back to us for any question, problems or inquiries.

  • MIAJO 17 oz clear glass Tea Cup with glass infuser and Glass lid.
  • Large infuser filter for loose teas or blooming teas.
  • This tea cup is carefully hand crafted, made from heat resistant glass. Dishwasher top rack safe or hand clean.
  • Well-designed tea cup and infuser locks into place and ensures water doesn't leak out of your tea maker.
  • The Borosilicate glass body keep your tea warm there's no need to rush through your pot of tea or constantly reheat it!