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Sixteen Coffee Molds & One Hundred Tea Filter Bags

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Tea bags & Coffee molds created specifically for the tea and coffe connoisseur. Our tea bags will make you create the best tea, and the molds will make you smile and enjoying every cup of coffee.

Product Features (Tea Bags):
Simple To Use - Fill the bag with favorite loose tea or herbs and then add it to your hot water cup. When your tea is ready remove the bags from the cup and enjoy your tea.
Safe Material - The bags made out of food grade 100% safe.
The Tea bags can be used for tea, coffee, herbs and infusions!

Product Features (Coffee & Cappuccino Molds):
Simple To Use - Add the desired shape mold on top of your cup and add your cocoa or coffee powder on top of it, then remove the mold and see the shape on your cup ready to drink.
Safe Material - The molds are made out of food grade plastic for safe.
Easy to Clean – Just rinse after each use, done!
The Molds can be used for cappuccino, coffee, cocoa, wiped cream drinks!

Package Includes:
* 100 piece lot Disposable Tea Filter Bags
* 16 different Shapes Cappuccino Coffee Molds

We promise an enjoyable experience using our tea bags and coffee molds, and we strive to keep our customers happy and satisfied, please get back to us for any question, problems or inquiries. 

  • 100 Disposable Tea Bags Per Package
  • 16 different mold shapes for coffee
  • Great Quality - Natural materials, high-grade filter paper
  • It is made of safe and easy-clean PP plastics
  • Loose Tea, Coffee, Herbs, Bouquet Garni, Potpourri, Herbal powder & More..